Tuesday, 12 October 2010

My Poor Bunny!

Something very strange and bad had happened to my cute new Innocent Bunny Plushie while I was out visiting with a few of my friends earlier today and I don't feel very happy about it at all.

I came home from my friends house this afternoon to find my cute new bunny plushie all tattered and ruined. I have no idea at all what could have happened to it while I was out but I'm one hundred percent sure that I locked all of my doors when I went out and my petlings were kept safe and sound in the garden so it wasn't any of them. All I know is that something really strange is going on with this new plushie and I need to find out what it is. I will post about this again if I manage to find out any interesting information about what could possibly have happened to my new plushie.


  1. hideeni rip it out

  2. lmao i hope it turns into a vampire :) those ones are so cutee