Monday, 28 June 2010

Enchanted Playground!

Today has been so much fun for me because I have been playing in my pretty new enchanted playroom which I put together earlier using some of the gorgeous new items that can be found in the new enchanted treasure hunt area and some of the fun items that came from the new fun park vending machine in the mystery store.

Doesn't it look nice and fun? I couldn't decide if I wanted an enchanted room or a fun park themed room so I decided to mix the two themes together instead. I also added my carousel because it seemed to go perfectly in my enchanted playroom themed room. You can check out all this weeks new items by visiting the Pet Society Blog if you haven't already seen them for some reason yet.

Blue Cheerleader Outfit!

Today I'm wearing my new Blue Cheerleader Outfit with a pair of Blue Cheerleader Shoes, two Blue Cheerleader Pom Poms and a Red Cheerleader Ribbon in my hair.

I love wearing my red cheerleader outfit so can you imagine how happy I was when I saw that the clothes store had a nice new blue cheerleader outfit for me to wear? I just couldn't wait to wear it after buying it so I rushed straight home from the clothes store and changed my clothes before going back to finish off my shopping.

Updated for change of Accessories - September 16th, 2010

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Kody Makeover!

Yesterday I decided to give my cute grey bear Kody a makeover potion because I thought he would look so much cuter if he had blue eyes instead or the red coloured eyes that he was born with.

I did think he was cute already with the red eyes but I know that I made the right decision on giving him a makeover potion because he looks so adorable now with his new shaped bear ears and blue eyes.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Underwater Grotto!

I was going to post about my fabulous new underwater grotto room yesterday but I had forgotten by the time I had finished making sandcastles and playing with my petlings on the beach.

Isn't it beautiful? I love this room so much. Amazingly I can breath underwater for a really long time which is very useful since I like to spend quite a lot of time watching the whales and fish swimming around. The great thing about this room though is that I got to help a little bit with the World Wildlife Fund just by buying it. I love all the different animals in the world so it makes me happy knowing that I'm doing a little bit to help them out.

Monday, 21 June 2010

At The Beach!

I have decided to spend most of this week at the beach because the weather is just to nice to miss out on by staying in doors all the time. Also it's great for my petlings Kato and Kody to be able to play outside when the temperature is this high.

I'm so lucky because I found this beautiful little spot on the beach that is just so perfect for sunbathing and playing in the sand. There is a nice little tropical tiki bar close by too so I can get a cool refreshing drink whenever I feel to hot or thirsty. Kody loves to snuggle up on my beach towel in the shade most of the time while Kato is running around in the sand being very playful.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Pink and Green Dress!

Today I'm wearing my Pink and Green Dress with a pair of Pink & White Roller Skates and a Pink and Green Ribbon in my hair.

I really love the colours and style of this dress so much but I really think it could look so much nicer if it had some kind of pretty bracelet to match it. I've always thought that outfits look so much better when they have matching shoes and accesories.

Updated for change of Accessories - October 10th, 2010

Monday, 7 June 2010

Beach House!

Today I decided to redecorated my main room with some lovely bright coloured wallpaper from the DIY store. I guess I was just feeling really summery after my fun vacation and thought it would be a great idea to brighten up my main room a bit.

Don't you just love it? I think this is one of my favourite ever room designs that I have had in my main room. I love how all the colours match with each other perfectly. The best thing about this room though is having the beach right outside my door.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Home Again!

Today me and my petlings came home from our wonderful vacation. I had such a fun and exciting time on our vacation but I think that I'm actually glad to be home again now.

I managed to get one last picture of me on the cruise ship before I left it behind forever. I have quite a few souvenirs home with me from the different places we stopped off at during our cruise.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Safari Fun!

Today me and my petlings arrived at the second mysterious location on our vacation. I was so excited when I found out that we were going to be going on a Safari tour because I absolutely adore all animals and couldn't wait to see all the different kinds.

It is still quite hot where we are for the Safari tour but nowhere near as hot as it was when we were in Arabia. We've already seen so many different animals already. My favourite animal that we have seen so far is the Tigers because they are just so beautiful. Kato got to go up close to a big tiger which was really exciting for him. I was so worried for Kato though just in case the wild tiger wasn't friendly but it all turned out alright in the end.

My favourite part of the Safari so far is when I got to sit on the back of an Ostrich. At first I didn't want to sit on it because I was worried that I'd be to heavy for it but the ostrich didn't even seem to struggle with me sitting on it's back. I guess they are stronger than I thought they were. We will be camping out near this pretty water pond tonight but I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep knowing that all these wild animals are around us. I will be to worried about waking up in the middle of the night with a hippos head poking through my tent door or something even worse.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Cruising Again!

Today me and my petlings are back on board the lovely cruise ship after two days of fun and excitement on our Arabian adventure. We are currently sailing towards the second mystery location that we will be stopping off at during our vacation.

I'm so excited to find out where we will be going next on this cruise ship and I'm really hoping it's going to be somewhere full of fun with lots of exciting things for us to see and do, I just can't wait.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Arabian Fun!

Today our cruise ship reached it's first mysterious destination which I was really happy about because I was starting to feel a bit sea sick after a whole day and night bobbing up and down aboard the ship.

I was so surprised when I found out that we were going to be spending the whole day and night in the Arabian desert, it was so hot. I spent most of the afternoon learning how to belly dance but I wasn't very good at it. I did have lots of fun during the lesson but it was to hot. At one point I thought I would pass out from heat exhaustion but I had a nice cold drink and a quick rest inside my tent which made me feel much better. I'm so not used to this heat.

At night time we had a lovely feast with all kinds of exotic food and drinks that I had never had before and we had entertainment from a snake charmer while we ate our food which was so much fun to watch. After I had finished eating and drinking at the feast I decided to go for a closer look at the snake charmers snake. I was kind of nervous because I hadn't seen a real snake before but you know what?? The snake wasn't even a real snake. It was a fake snake that was made to look like a real snake. I felt a bit disappointed when I found this out but didn't let it spoil our fun. Kody wasn't impressed with the snake either as you can see on my picture. Anyway I'm so tired after all today's activities so I'm going to go see if I can actually manage to fall asleep in this intense heat now.