Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Cute Little Duckling!

I have some exciting news today because my new Mystery Ducking Egg has hatched already. It was such a lovely surprise for me when I saw it had hatched because I wasn't expecting it to hatch so soon.

I feel so lucky because I got a black duck which is the just colour of duck that I was really hoping to get. I would have loved it no matter what colour it was but I'm so happy to have got a cute little black one. I've decided to name him Ducky because the name just keeps popping into my mind every time I look at him so I though why not just go with it. I know it's not a very original name but I don't care because I love it lots and I think that my little Ducky does too.

Monday, 30 August 2010

Fairytale Fun!

I was so excited to go shopping this week to see what was new in the stores because I had already heard from a dear friend that the items were going to be fairytale themed items which I would love. The items in the store were even better than I had imagined so I decided to make myself a pretty fairytale garden in my main room.

I absolutely love my fairytale garden because even though it's simple it's still very pretty. I love to lie down on the grass and listen to the sound of the water running my pretty fountains. My petlings love to splash in the water too which is so fun to watch. I'm so happy this week because I just bought myself some new expensive but very beautiful outfits which I will post updates on as the week goes on.

I decided to get some pictures of most favourite items from this week that aren't clothes. My most favourite item this week is my new Mystery Duckling Egg which was sent to me as a gift from one of my very lovely and dear friends. According the the sign I saw in the boutique store this egg will hatch in a day or two. How exciting is that? I just can't wait to see what my little duckling will look like, I will really love it so much no matter how it looks though.

My second favourite item this week is my adorable new little Frog Prince Plushie which was also sent to me as a gift from another of my lovely friends. I really have the bestest friends anybody could ever wish for they make everyday of my life so much better just by knowing them. Anyway I think that my new frog prince might just be my favourite plushie so far which is quite an achievement considering that I now own a lot of plushies. Don't forget that you can visit the Pet Society Blog to see all of this weeks beautiful items if you haven't managed to see them yet for some reason.

Ballerina Dress!

Today I'm wearing my new Ballerina Dress with a pair of Red Ballerina Shoes and a pretty Ballerina Hairband in my hair.

I am actually in love with this dress because it's so perfect. I like everything about it specially the lovely simple details like the little red flowers and how the colours go together perfectly. I'm also really happy to finally have a nice pair of red shoes because I have had a few very pretty red dresses hanging in my closet for a while now that I couldn't wear because I had no shoes to match with them.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Grown Up Kasha!

I just wanted to share a new picture that my owner took of me and my leopard petling Kasha. I haven't posted a picture of Kasha since she grew up to full size so I thought it was about time I did.

Didn't she grow up to be absolutely adorable? I just love spending time playing with her and my other two petlings Kato and Kody. I guess that I'm super lucky when it comes to petlings because I've managed to get three very loving and playful ones. I really couldn't imagine my life without them now and I'm even thinking of adopting lots more to take care of in the near future.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Fast Food!

I don't usually eat junk food often but today I was feeling a bit sick of the usual vegetable soup that my owner likes to feed me on so I decided to go out and get myself a delicious burger to try instead.

I ordered myself a cheese burger with fries and a diet drink. I'm not sure why I ordered myself a diet drink when I was going to be eating all this unhealthy food though. I figure that I might as well save on the calories in my drink since I couldn't really do it with my food.

The fast food restaurant was really nice. I decided to take a seat just outside the restaurant so that I could enjoy watching the beautiful sea view while I ate my food. The food was absolutely delicious and I enjoyed it so much. I was a bit surprised when the food was brought to my table though because the fries were all curly and I wasn't expecting them to be like that but they tasted yummy so it didn't bother me. On the way home from the restaurant I decided to call in the shops to see what was new this week. You can visit the Pet Society Blog to see all this weeks new items if you haven't had a chance to see them yet for some reason that is.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

My New Closet!

I decided to get myself a new closet installed in my house yesterday while I was out shopping. The idea came to me all of a sudden when I was looking for something new to wear in the clothes store.

Isn't it awesome? I just love seeing all of my favourite outfits hanging together all nice neat inside my new closet. It's going to make it so much easier for me to choose what outfit to wear from now on. I have needed somewhere to hang my clothes for a while now. All my dresses get so creased up when they are inside the clothes chest but that won't be a problem for me anymore now that I have my wonderful new closet to hang them in. I really wish my new closet was bigger in size though because I still have so many clothes left inside of my clothes chest that I would also like to hang up. Don't forget that you can visit the Pet Society Blog to see all of this weeks new items if you haven't already seen them yet for some reason.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Rob the Robot!

I would like to introduce you to my awesome new electrical friend called Rob. I guess he would be considered as a toy to some people but I like to think of him as my artifical friend because he's always there to play with me when ever I feel bored or just a bit lonely.

I've heard some people say that he isn't really that good but I've already had so much fun with him since I got him and he's kinda of cute once you get used to how he looks. The best thing about Rob though is that he doesn't need any batteries to make him work unlike the neglectful nanny bot who was always running out of batteries when she was supposed to be taking care of me.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Lady PawPaw!

I'm really excited today because I saw the cutest wig ever while I was in the clothing store looking for something new to wear. I was shopping for new clothes because I have been invited to a few of my friends parties this week and I can't just show up at a friends party wearing the same old clothes that I usually wear can I?

After buying a few new nice outfits to wear I counted my coins because I really wanted to buy that new wig for myself. Luckily I had enough coins so I clicked on it and bought it but when I clicked on it I noticed that it was called the Lady PawPaw Wig which I thought was a funny name. I decided to go straight home after shopping for clothes so I could change my outfit but before I got changed I had to get on the Telephone and tell my good friend Bella about my new wig and it's funny name. I've really got to get going now because I'm running late for my friends party and I don't like showing up late. I love to Just Dance at parties all night long don't you? You can check out everything that's new in Pet Society this week by visiting the Pet Society Blog if you haven't already seen yet that is.