Monday, 20 September 2010

Modern Matsuri Room!

I've had such a fun day today because I've been shopping and dancing and redecorating my home and dancing some more. I've just finished shopping and I have bought myself some of the beautiful new Modern Matsuri themed items that are new in the stores today.

I decided to make another Japanese themed room in my home on the same floor as my other two Japanese themed rooms. I absolutely adore all of the Japanese themed items that have been released in pet society so far which is why I now have three Japanese themed rooms in my home which are all very different but all very beautiful.

You might have noticed I already mentioned that I had been doing a lot of dancing today. That's because I just got this awesome new PawPaw Revolution Dance Arcade which is one of my most favourite new items this week. I am totally addicted to it because it is just so much fun to play on. I had to ask my friends for help with this item but as usual they didn't let me down and I got all the help that I needed in such a short time from some of my wonderful friends.

My other most favourite item this week is my Buy-a-Bunny Dispenser. Firstly I just love the way this dispenser looks because it's pink and cute and it was also a gift from one of my lovely friends so I will treasure it always like I do with all gifts that I get sent. This dispenser is so cool because me and my friends get to buy cute little coloured bunny toys from it which make a collection that looks really nice when displayed in a room. I have already collected all of the bunnies and displayed them all over my modern matsuri room.

You can check out all of this weeks new items by visiting the Pet Society Blog if you haven't already seen them for some reason that is. I'm going to go play on my pawpaw revolution dance arcade again now because I can feel my feet getting a little bit twitchy.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Japanese Pink Uniform!

Today I'm wearing my Japanese Pink Uniform Dress with a pair of Japanese Pink Uniform Shoes, a Groovy Hair Band in my hair and my cute little Japanese Pink Uniform Purse to carry all my important things around in. I'm also wearing a Chinese Festive Pink Bracelet.

I love this outfit so much that I haven't even changed my clothes now for a whole three days which is very unusual for me because I normally change my clothes everyday. One of my very dear friends surprised me a few days ago by sending me this outfit as a gift which makes it so much more special and I will treasure it always.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Cherry Trees & Kawaii Fruit!

I was so excited this morning when I went to see what was new in the stores this week because all of the items were beautiful Japanese themed items that I can use to decorate my home with.

My most favourite items this week are my gorgeous new pink cherry tree which I just adore and the fabulous new hair style that I am wearing today which I really love so much. Both of these new items were sent to me as gifts from my wonderful friends and I will treasure them forever. Snuggles really loves to sit underneath the cherry tree and watch the pink petals floating down on him.

The Moody Fruit Tree is also one of my favourite new items this week because it is super cute and I can use it to display my complete collection of Moody Fruit Plushies that I've been collecting over the last few days with a lot of help from my awesome friends and Hideeni. I just love my little fruit plushie collection so much. Which fruit is your favourite? Mine is the Romantic Peach Plushie just because it's pink and I love the expression on it's face.

I have a few other favourite items this week also. I decided to put them all together in my new Japanese themed garden to make sort of a simple but cool display. I used a Japanese Garden Gong and two Japanese Garden Lantern's to make a simple display to put my Pet Geisha Toy's on, I really like the way all these items look together.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Space Adventure!

Today I found out that I could build myself an awesome new rocket ship, how cool is that? All I needed to build it was a bit of time and help from twenty of my wonderful friends, it was so exciting for me.

Before I knew it my rocket ship was complete and I couldn't wait to try it out. There was a lot of buttons inside the rocket and I wasn't really sure what to do but luckily for me the rocket came complete with a flight instruction booklet. I read through it quickly then pressed a few buttons and strapped myself in for the long flight ahead. The rocket must have been super fast though because I was at my destination in no time. At first I had no idea where the rocket had taken me but the land was grey with lots of big holes in it.

I was looking around when all of a sudden I got a huge surprise because this cute little robot came to greet me. I wasn't expecting to see anybody or anything on this planet to be honest. The robot said that he was a spaceship guard and that I had to follow him. I told him that I needed to go back inside my rocket for a minute and switch it off. I followed the robot for only a short while before he stopped me and pointed up at something which appeared to be a flashing sign, it said Moon Cafe on it, I can definitely say that I wasn't expecting to see that on this strange planet.

The robot stayed outside the cafe door so I walked inside and looked around for a table to sit at but the moon cafe was a busy place and I could only find an outdoor table which was fine for me. I sat down and waited for a bit before another one of those robots came to take my order. Of course I didn't know what to order in a moon cafe so I just pointed at things on the menu and hoped for something good. I still don't really know what it is that I got but it tasted ok so I ate nearly all of it but I felt so full afterwards.

After I had finished my food I had to pay but I didn't have any moon money of course so I had to give them some of the items that I was carrying inside my bag. They actually seemed to be very excited about the junk that I carry around in my bag which was a huge relief and I guess they really liked my earth items. I left the cafe and headed back to the rocket so I could fly home after my exciting adventure. I soon arrived home safe an sound but I was so incredibly tired after all the excitement of my amazing trip into space.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Red Cheerleader Dress!

Today I'm wearing my Red Cheerleader Dress with a pair of Red Cheerleader Shoes and a Red Cheerleader Ribbon in my hair, I also have my Red Pom Poms to practice with.

I've been really busy practicing my cheer leading all day today with my owner. It's been super fun. I hope that one day I can be a real cheerleader for a real team. My owner said that I am getting really good at it now. I love wearing my cheerleader outfit so much so I wear it all day sometimes even when I'm not practicing my cheering.

Updated for change of Accessories - November 7th, 2010