Thursday, 7 October 2010

Special Neighbour!

Something amazing happened in my neighbourhood today and I'm so super excited about it. The Mayor of pet society has moved into my neighbourhood and he even lives in walking distance from my home.

I wasn't sure at first if I should call at his house for a visit to introduce myself because I know that the Mayor is a very busy pet and might not have much time for visitors but I also didn't want to seem rude by not calling for visit either so I put on a nice outfit and set of to introduce myself to the Mayor. I felt a bit nervous on my way to the Mayors house so I called in the food store and bought some yummy cupcakes for the Mayor to enjoy.

I don't even know why I felt nervous on my way to the Mayor's house because he is actually really nice and friendly and I had lots of fun at his house. He showed me round his home which I thought seemed a little bit bare for such a wealthy pet but then I remembered that he has only just moved in to his new home so probably hasn't had all of his furniture and other things delivered from his old home yet.

The Mayor talked about his mustache for a bit while we shared the cupcakes that I brought with me and I was very surprised to hear that even the Mayor's house isn't safe from unwelcome Hideeni visits because the Mayor seemed worried that Hideeni was hiding underneath his bed. After a short while I decided it was time I set off home again cause I didn't want to distract the Mayor to long during my visit. We had a short little dance together and said our goodbyes. The Mayor said I could pop by for a visit anytime I want which I thought was so nice of him and I think I will be visiting the Mayor again sometime soon when I get time, it was so much fun.


  1. I think Kooki and the Mayor should get married.

  2. Kooki, I will be honoured to come to your party and shall bring a present with me :)

  3. hi i love your n\blog! it would be nice of u to visit mine!