Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Beau Monde!

I got so excited at the beginning of this week when I visited the stores to see what was new and I thought that I would take a quick break from shopping and decorating my home to post about my most favourite items from this weeks new awesome Beau Monde theme.


I just got this huge Fashion LED Display Screen installed in one of my rooms which I am so in love with because it is just so awesome and now I can use it like a big mirror when ever I want to see how my hair and clothes look each day which is just so helpful. The fashion LED display screen is so big that I had to ask many of my friends for help putting it together but luckily I have the best friends a girl could wish for and together we got it finished in no time at all.


I got such a lovely surprise yesterday morning when I went to check my mail and found a gift box sent to me by one of my dearest friends. I excitedly opened the gift box to find that it had a beautiful sweet girl portrait inside it which I absolutely love so much because it is colourful and the girl on the portrait is just so stylish and pretty like a super model pet and I really like her pink hair. I loved the sweet girl portrait so much that I rushed to the store to see if there was anymore portraits like it and to my surprise there were a few portraits in the store this week but the only other one that I liked besides the sweet girl portrait was the pop star portrait which also has a very stylish and beautiful pet on it and she is wearing a very cute purple outfit that I wish I could wear too because I love purple and the style of that dress is just to adorable.

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