Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Love is in the Air!

Love really is in the air this week because I think I just completely fell in love with all of this weeks beautiful new Valentine themed items. I was just so excited when I went to see what was new in the stores especially because most of the items were my most favourite colour pink. I bought so many things while out shopping.

My most favourite new item this week is this very cute and cuddly Valentine Big Adorable Bear which I absolutely love so much. I really love to cuddle my cute new valentine bear a lot because it is the most cuddly bear that I have and it's fur is so super soft too.

Check out the size of the diamond on that beautiful Diamond Solitaire Ring, it's huge. It makes me feel so happy every time I open the box to look at and it's there sparkling at me. I guess it must be true what they say and that diamonds really are a girls best friend.

I so love this pretty pink Valentine Daisy Stall that I have placed inside my realm above the clouds room. I love that I can buy bunches of pretty little daisy flowers from it to send to my friends or decorate my home with. The best thing about it though is that my friends can come and visit me and they can also buy daisy flowers. Don't forget that you can visit the Pet Society Blog if you haven't already seen this weeks beautiful new items for some reason.

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