Monday, 29 November 2010

Christmas is Coming!

Yay I am so excited this week because all the new items and clothes in the Pet Society stores are Christmas themed items. Chrismas is my most favourite time of a year so I am feeling extra excited about all the wonderful new festive themed items and clothes this week.

My most favourite new item this week is my beautiful new WWF Carol Singing Collection which was gifted to me by my best friend. I just adore these cute little animated characters so much because not only are they super cute they also play cheerful Christmas music to me all day long which I absolutely love so much. I will treasure these cute little musical characters forever because I just love them.

Another of my most favourite new items this week is my Nutcracker Music Box. Isn't it just so pretty? This music box was sent to me as a gift from another one of my wonderful friends, I know that I keep on saying this but I really do have the bestest friends in the whole world. I just love to watch the two cute little characters dancing together when ever I open the box, they dance so nicely together.

My last favourite item this week is my new Toy Shop Ferris Wheel just because I like to watch the wheel going round and round. I think it would be so much fun to ride on a real ferris wheel and I really hope that I will get to ride on a real one someday because it would be so fun and exciting. Don't forget that you can visit the Pet Society Blog anytime if you want to see all of this weeks new items.


  1. Hello Kooki I would like to join to the blog as a writer would you allowed me?

  2. Hiya Speedy... I'm sorry but I'm the only writer on my blog at the moment since it's a blog about my own life. I think it would be hard for somebody else to write about my own life besides me...

  3. Hiya Kooki...I'm Sorry To Trouble You! I Just Wanted To Know What Handwriting You Use For Writing A Post...I Like The Handwriting...By The Way...Your Blog Is Awesome!:)

  4. Hiya Coke.

    I'm fairly sure that he font I use on my blog is called Verdana but I'm not 100% sure of it.

  5. How do u make the banner of this blog?

  6. My owner made that banner using paintshop pro. :)