Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Spring Picnic Girl Dress!

Today I'm wearing my Spring Picnic Girl Dress with a pair of Spring Picnic Girl Shoes and I have a Spring Picnic Girl Headband in my hair.

Isn't this outfit adorable? I really love the style of this dress and wish that I had lots more dresses just like the style of this one. I bought myself a pair of cute spring picnic girl sunglasses to wear with this dress also but I decided that I prefer not to wear them cause they make my nose itchy and I don't really like wearing glasses anyway.


  1. It's amazing if you ask me! You don't need glasses, Kooki. You look perfect! :3

  2. aaahh! so cuuute! (in the words of agnes from despicable me) its so fluffaay!