Saturday, 4 September 2010

Space Adventure!

Today I found out that I could build myself an awesome new rocket ship, how cool is that? All I needed to build it was a bit of time and help from twenty of my wonderful friends, it was so exciting for me.

Before I knew it my rocket ship was complete and I couldn't wait to try it out. There was a lot of buttons inside the rocket and I wasn't really sure what to do but luckily for me the rocket came complete with a flight instruction booklet. I read through it quickly then pressed a few buttons and strapped myself in for the long flight ahead. The rocket must have been super fast though because I was at my destination in no time. At first I had no idea where the rocket had taken me but the land was grey with lots of big holes in it.

I was looking around when all of a sudden I got a huge surprise because this cute little robot came to greet me. I wasn't expecting to see anybody or anything on this planet to be honest. The robot said that he was a spaceship guard and that I had to follow him. I told him that I needed to go back inside my rocket for a minute and switch it off. I followed the robot for only a short while before he stopped me and pointed up at something which appeared to be a flashing sign, it said Moon Cafe on it, I can definitely say that I wasn't expecting to see that on this strange planet.

The robot stayed outside the cafe door so I walked inside and looked around for a table to sit at but the moon cafe was a busy place and I could only find an outdoor table which was fine for me. I sat down and waited for a bit before another one of those robots came to take my order. Of course I didn't know what to order in a moon cafe so I just pointed at things on the menu and hoped for something good. I still don't really know what it is that I got but it tasted ok so I ate nearly all of it but I felt so full afterwards.

After I had finished my food I had to pay but I didn't have any moon money of course so I had to give them some of the items that I was carrying inside my bag. They actually seemed to be very excited about the junk that I carry around in my bag which was a huge relief and I guess they really liked my earth items. I left the cafe and headed back to the rocket so I could fly home after my exciting adventure. I soon arrived home safe an sound but I was so incredibly tired after all the excitement of my amazing trip into space.


  1. Nice :).But why did you delete your older posts?I loved reading your birthday one :).But you deleted them :(

  2. So cool that you went to the moon, and Bella is really cute!

  3. Wow I didn't think that anybody would notice the older posts missing... I decided to delete anything from before I dyed my hair brown because that's the old me and I wanted my blog to be all about how I am now.

    I'm really sorry that you miss my birthday post I really didn't think anybody would miss the older posts. :(

  4. I did, but thats okay :D.Your blog is still awesome :DD

  5. Looks like Kooki had a lot of fun today!

  6. Awesome, looks like someone had a good time, in Outer Space! ;)

  7. Hi kooki, i just wanted to tell u, im your biggest fan. i named my pet after you and i try to copy your outfits whenever i can. but im only 10 so my mom wont let me buy playfish cash or whatever. so i try to save my coins before monday to see what your gonna wear. anyway, keep posting :P

    Kooki junior.
    (Sarah) x

  8. SHE LOOKS LIKE ALICE CULLEN (: heeey can you add me at facebook?