Friday, 6 August 2010

Rob the Robot!

I would like to introduce you to my awesome new electrical friend called Rob. I guess he would be considered as a toy to some people but I like to think of him as my artifical friend because he's always there to play with me when ever I feel bored or just a bit lonely.

I've heard some people say that he isn't really that good but I've already had so much fun with him since I got him and he's kinda of cute once you get used to how he looks. The best thing about Rob though is that he doesn't need any batteries to make him work unlike the neglectful nanny bot who was always running out of batteries when she was supposed to be taking care of me.


  1. i think you should keep ur hair like that!

  2. I think you will see more of the long hair in the future...

  3. awwww,your Kooki looks so adorable with mermaid wig...<3<3