Monday, 30 August 2010

Fairytale Fun!

I was so excited to go shopping this week to see what was new in the stores because I had already heard from a dear friend that the items were going to be fairytale themed items which I would love. The items in the store were even better than I had imagined so I decided to make myself a pretty fairytale garden in my main room.

I absolutely love my fairytale garden because even though it's simple it's still very pretty. I love to lie down on the grass and listen to the sound of the water running my pretty fountains. My petlings love to splash in the water too which is so fun to watch. I'm so happy this week because I just bought myself some new expensive but very beautiful outfits which I will post updates on as the week goes on.

I decided to get some pictures of most favourite items from this week that aren't clothes. My most favourite item this week is my new Mystery Duckling Egg which was sent to me as a gift from one of my very lovely and dear friends. According the the sign I saw in the boutique store this egg will hatch in a day or two. How exciting is that? I just can't wait to see what my little duckling will look like, I will really love it so much no matter how it looks though.

My second favourite item this week is my adorable new little Frog Prince Plushie which was also sent to me as a gift from another of my lovely friends. I really have the bestest friends anybody could ever wish for they make everyday of my life so much better just by knowing them. Anyway I think that my new frog prince might just be my favourite plushie so far which is quite an achievement considering that I now own a lot of plushies. Don't forget that you can visit the Pet Society Blog to see all of this weeks beautiful items if you haven't managed to see them yet for some reason.


  1. Nice blog post, your garden is really peaceful, Gereve will probably come to visit you and take care of the duck egg if you want to have a little rest <3

  2. I also bought a duck egg and the frog for my LuLu.