Monday, 23 August 2010

Fast Food!

I don't usually eat junk food often but today I was feeling a bit sick of the usual vegetable soup that my owner likes to feed me on so I decided to go out and get myself a delicious burger to try instead.

I ordered myself a cheese burger with fries and a diet drink. I'm not sure why I ordered myself a diet drink when I was going to be eating all this unhealthy food though. I figure that I might as well save on the calories in my drink since I couldn't really do it with my food.

The fast food restaurant was really nice. I decided to take a seat just outside the restaurant so that I could enjoy watching the beautiful sea view while I ate my food. The food was absolutely delicious and I enjoyed it so much. I was a bit surprised when the food was brought to my table though because the fries were all curly and I wasn't expecting them to be like that but they tasted yummy so it didn't bother me. On the way home from the restaurant I decided to call in the shops to see what was new this week. You can visit the Pet Society Blog to see all this weeks new items if you haven't had a chance to see them yet for some reason that is.


  1. wonderful! :P twister fries, along with a fast food restaurant with a great sea view :D

    and kooki dresses so nicely to go eat fast food! <3

  2. I was a bit worried about getting tomato sauce on my new dress so I used a napkin to protect it.