Friday, 30 July 2010

Meet Kasha!

I meant to post about this a few days ago but I was just so busy exploring in the jungle that I forgot to post about it on here. I just adopted a cute baby leopard a few days ago which will come and live with me and my other two petlings Kato and Kody in our home.

I've decided to name her Kasha because I think that is a really nice name that suits her perfectly. She's really friendly and loves lots of attention from me and my visitors. Her favorite food seems to be white bones so I've stocked up on lots of them already plus lots of other petling foods for Kato and Kody. Kasha really loves playing with Kato and Kody. It's really fun to watch them all running and jumping around together in my home. I really love taking care of my three little petlings so much they make me feel so happy all the time.


  1. lol all k's like the kardashians! kato kody and now kasha!

  2. Welcome Kasha! Cute petlings that you have Kooki.

  3. Lol even your name starts with a K 8D.And can you vist my new blog please?Thanks!