Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Kody Makeover!

Yesterday I decided to give my cute grey bear Kody a makeover potion because I thought he would look so much cuter if he had blue eyes instead or the red coloured eyes that he was born with.

I did think he was cute already with the red eyes but I know that I made the right decision on giving him a makeover potion because he looks so adorable now with his new shaped bear ears and blue eyes.


  1. i liked him better before :(

  2. dear kooki, i am human. and my pets hates her petlings. and then to top it all i think my girl pet is a boy. and i bought it all this girl stuff it seems to love.
    we are getting along less and less well. loveey won't do the jump rope and that is the way to level 17. i hope you see this and have some advice for me???thanks,v.
    loveey's mom.