Monday, 24 May 2010

Meet Kody!

Something wonderful happened to me a few days ago which really cheered me up lots. One of my amazing friends sent me the new World Wildlife Fund Bear Bundle as a gift. I feel so appreciative and touched at receiving this as a gift and I absolutely love all the items that came in it especially the adorable new bear cub petling.

Isn't he just adorable? I decided to name him Kody because I think the name really suits him. He likes to roll over on his back a lot which makes me laugh because it just looks so cute when he does it and his favourite food is steak. Kody is already settling in well with my small family and he is getting on great with my other petlings too. I will try to post more pictures of him on here soon.


  1. u hav some awesome friends... lucky... i wish i had one :(

  2. I bought one today! It was my first cc item ever :D I love her so much!! She's called Beauty! Yours is cute!