Monday, 17 May 2010

Animal Print 80s Dress!

Today I'm wearing my new Animal Print 80s Dress with a pair of Brown 80s Leggings, two Pink and Brown 80s Bangles and an Animal Print 80s Headband in my hair. I have my awesome new Pink and White Roller Skates on which I absolutely love.

This is my new favourite outfit out of all my outfits so far. I just love the style and colours of it so much plus it's perfect to wear when I'm playing around on my new roller skates. I love roller skating even more than ice skating because I can wear my roller skates anywhere I want. I have had my skates on all day long today and I'm still not ready to take them off yet, They are so much fun.


  1. love love love dis dress but chose to wear it with da heels and da new pink sparkling ribbon gift

  2. It looks pretty that.But I agree with Tsunami, it looks better with the pink ribbon.