Monday, 23 April 2012

Star Fairy!

I just got back home after doing my weekly shopping and visiting with friends and I thought that I would make a quick blog post about my most favourite item from all of this weeks beautiful items.


I really do love all the awesome Glow in the Dark items from this weeks theme cause they are all very colourful and pretty but my most favourite thing this week is my new Star Fairy. She looks super cute when flying around and she also uses her fairy magic to make stars fall down all over in my room and it looks so pretty. I really want to give my new fairy a pretty name but I just can't think of anything that would suit a magical Star Fairy so I was hoping that maybe I would be able to get some suggestions on here. Please feel free to comment and suggest any cute name ideas if you have any.


  1. I really like the name Sparkles and think it would be perfect for my new fairy friend. :)

  2. wheres your hair from? its beautiful